Art Exhibition

The 5th year art students have been working on a very exciting and enjoyable project since January,where they selected works from the Arts Council of Ireland collection.

They have written the following reflection on the experience…….well done girls!



One of the positive aspects we found as a group,was the level of participation we experienced with each other,the curator and South Tipp Arts Centre.This was an opportunity to voice our opinions and have them appreciated.Our collaboration with STAC,Mollie A King and the Arts Council of Ireland was very beneficial as it heightened our understanding and our appreciation of Irish artists and their work.We felt validated as young aspiring artists with an integral role in the continuing development of our Arts Council.This immersive experience ironically tied back in to our theme of ‘Women in Ireland’,allowing us to feel a sense of respect and new found maturity.

With this exciting opportunity we found we were presented with challenges,such as,the difficulty of choosing from such a wide array of pieces.Unfortunately,not all the pieces we selected were available and this was disappointing.Another difficulty we faced was the clash of so many strong opinions when it came to the artwork.As we are working on our own pieces as we go,we ran into time constraints that limited our choices.The curatorial experience opened our eyes to the availabity of different career prospects.We are now aware of opportunities and exciting paths we may take in the art world in the future!

Until now, we thought that to pursue a career in art after we finish school,we would have to take up a position as an artist,an art teacher or an animator.We have now since discovered,that is not the case.We gained the experience of working collectively as a group.From possibility to reality,the journey of watching the project unfold has been hugely enjoyed by all.Throughout this experience we have truly transitioned into a group of enlightened  and modern day ‘Women in Ireland’!


We are exceptionally grateful for this once in a lifetime opportunity and would like to thank…

our teachers Ms Kirby and Ms Coffey

Arts Council of Ireland and Eamonn Maxwell

South Tipp Arts Centre

Cliona and Eimear King

Tipperary County Museum and Marie McMahon

Millie A King and Debbie