The number of Art History enthusiasts is growing, as demonstrated by the school heat of the ARTiculation competition which took place on Friday 12th of January. This public speaking competition on art is open to students from all subject backgrounds. The starting point for all was to have a favourite art work they feel passionate about. Personal response and the performance of the presentation is valued highly by the judges. Five girls took part this year: Orlaith  (TY), Alexi  (5th year), Eva ( 5th year), Iza (5th year) and Cliodhna  (5th year). Chosen art works ranged from the Renaissance to 21st century Digital Art.

First prize went to Iza with her presentation on Frida Kahlo ‘The broken Column’. Cliodhna came second with her response to digital Art. Iza will now present at the regional heat at Tipperary County museum. Date has yet to be confirmed but will probably be in February or March.


The competition was judged by Julia Walsh (Tipperary County Museum) who noted the diversity of the chosen pieces and the sophisticated discussions. To her the latter was a true testimony of the quality of the individual research they performed. Naomh Mairead (1st year Art class) were also present and enjoyed the presentations. Wishing Iza the best of luck in the next round of the competition.