Our Concern Debating team comprising of Rugilé Saltyte, Ciara Hughes, Caroline Cotter and Cassie O’Connell took on a strong and competitive Ursuline team Wednesday night. The motion of the night was ‘HIV and AIDS will be eradicated in our lifetime’. Our captain Rugilé lead the way with a confident and irrefutable opening speech. As the debate continued both sides shared convincing arguments and displayed unique talents. For the first time in years the adjudicators declared a draw match with both teams being awarded 1.5 points. The chief adjudicator said it was one of the closest debates he had ever witnessed and complimented both teams on an outstanding and professional debate. 


L-R.Cassie O’Connell,Caroline Cotter,Ciara Hughes,Rugilé Saltyte with their mentor Ms.Lorraine Hally.

This team had a unanimous
Victory in last round of The Concern Debate 2015 / 16. 

L-R:Serena Lazarus, Fionnuala Hoctor, Orla Gaughran and Annie Cotter and their mentor Ms.Lorraine Hally.