Fresher’s Club(1st years)

The 22 ‘TY Assistants’ and Ms Peters run the Club, which is held every Wednesday and Thursday. The Club presently provide activities such as quizzes, games and treasure hunts for all First Year students. We now also run a Soccer League every Thursday as part of the Fresher’s Club and the ‘First Year Talent Show’ has already been successfully completed. Aoibh Dowling is our first winner and we plan to continue this event in future years. Other activities continue to run from week to week and the Club is proving to be very popular with our First Years.


Back left to right: Ms Siobhan Peters (Teacher Co-ordinator), Eire Ryan, Kate Power, Kathryn Dowling, Rachel Conroy, Jade Condon O’Grady, Tara Condon, Georgia Ahearne, Orla Keating, Kate Lyons, Chelsey O’Mahony, Sorcha O’Gorman.

Front left to right: Ashleigh Kennedy, Valerie Keogh, Annie Hughes, Jenny Deegan, Alia Sheikh, Honor Corbett, Orla Hogan, Mallaigh Slattery, Ellie MacLeod.