Green Schools:Action Day

The Green Schools committee is very busy this year. We are currently in the process of applying for our second green flag, this time for energy conservation. We are monitoring electricity and gas usage in the school and trying to lower both of these by turning off lights, computers etc. when not needed. Our target is to lower energy usage by 5%. This small percentage would save the school approximately €1000 in electricity costs, and €600 in gas.

The annual Action Day was held on Friday the 11th of December. The Action Day is an opportunity to raise awareness of Green Schools within and beyond the school community. The committee invited a guest speaker, Gavin Harte, to give the students a presentation on how to make efficient use of energy resources such as oil. However, to emphasise the importance of energy, bicycles were pedalled by students to supply the power for the presentation. The presentation was both informative and humorous at the same time, with an hilarious (and hair-raising!!!) video of a cyclist zooming a hill. It was a very productive and interactive activity and was enjoyed by all. At lunchtime, the committee made green smoothies in blenders also powered by bicycles. These delicious smoothies were made with a combination of melons, kiwi and apple juice. In order to be environmentally friendly, these were served to students in bio-degradable cups. Overall this year’s Action Day was a great success with the wider school community getting involved in cycling and drinking smoothies. We hope that students thoroughly enjoyed their day and realised the importance of energy conservation. We hope this will encourage all members of the school community to become more energy aware and help us to get our second green flag.