Green Schools

This year the school has been making a great effort to raise awareness about water usage. We, as a committee conducted multiple surveys which the students happily took part in. The Green Schools Committee then reviewed the surveys and showed the information on vibrant posters which we display on our green schools notice board.

This year to involve the whole school we held an awareness day. That day was a non-uniform day and everyone wore blue and water themed costumes. There were plenty of activities for people to take part in at lunchtime such as…a relay race which had to be completed while carrying a bucket of rain water which we had collected, face painting, water themed games and a “best dressed” competition!

For two weeks students were asked to empty the water bottles which have been left after lunch or in classrooms into buckets which are kept in the hall, the plastic bottles were then stored in a separate bin. We have only recently started this study and it has shocked everybody just how many bottles are just left around the school! The committee have tied them together to display around Tinsley Hall.

This year we decided as a committee to go to  Dublin to the Green Schools Expo on the 22nd of February as we are very interested to see what other schools are doing. We are so lucky to have such an enthusiastic and dedicated committee!!