Iza wins ARTiculation final!

Iza  won the final of ARTiculation in the County Museum on Monday 12th March with her personal presentation on the inspiration of ‘A Broken Column’ by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. The number of Art History enthusiasts is growing in Tipperary with schools participating from Clonmel and Thurles. After successfully winning the school heat back in January Iza has been practising and reciting her speech. This dedication and enthusiasm was evident in her excellent presentation which was not only highly factual, but also involved the audience in engaging with the message of resilence in Kahlo’s work. This public speaking competition on art is open to students from all subject backgrounds. The starting point for all was to have a favourite art work they feel passionate about. Personal response and the performance of the presentation is valued highly by the judges.

The competition judges noted the diversity of the chosen pieces and the sophisticated discussions of all the participants. They said that it was great to hear and see such strong young speakers who not only clearly researched their chosen topics, but engaged on a personal level and invited the audience to do so also. It is a true testimony of the quality of the individual research and thought process. Well done Iza and thanks to the 5th year students that supported her on the day!

Well done also to Iza’s art teacher,Ms.Kirby!