Loreto Christmas Show 2019

Well done to all the students to took part in the inaugural Loreto Christmas Show this year!

An impressive list of groups, classes and individuals(with some staff making a video appearance!)took part & entertained the whole school community!

Running order for Christmas Show:

  • 1st Year – N Aine
  • Grace O Donovan
  • 3rd Year dance group
  • Sarah O’Keefee and Leah Cullinan
  • Aisling Kennedy
  • 1st Year – N Una
  • Juliette Harte and Orlaith Nugent
  • TY N. Colm
  • 6th Year Swimmers!
  • 5th Year Sketch
  • Emily O’ Connell
  • TY N Darragh
  • Ciara Geoghegan and Lucy Reilly
  • Trad Group
  • 1st Year – N Catriona
  • 6th Year Christmas song

(More photos from the Christmas Concert available on the Loreto app)

Loreto Christmas Concert – The Awards!! (& thank you’s)                                                       

  • Traditional Irish Award, Trad Group
  • Most Emotional Award, Orlaith and Juliet
  • Most original Award, 3rd Year Dance Group
  • Most unique Award, Lucy O’ Reilly & Ciara Geoghegan
  • Musicality Award, Sarah O’ Keefe, Leah Cullinhan
  • Queens of the show, Grace O’ Donovan, Emily O’ Connell, Ashling Kenndy
  • Best Teacher impersonation, Hollie Connors for Mrs Rice & Aoife Campion for Ms Grant
  • Novice Award, 1st years
  • Most Random, I’m a Celebrity… 5th Year Group
  • Sauciest Award, Synchronised Swimming teams
  • Naughtiest Award, Gemma Collins (Lena Slattery)
  • Medals, Back Stage Crew
  • Star of the Show Awards, Presenters

Thanks to Anthony for ALL his amazing work

Mr Kehir (assisted by Mr Quaney) for all the editing and video work

Pat from Premier sound for all his work

Finally, thanks to the teachers who volunteered their time to organise this event, Ms Kirby, Ms Grant, Ms Culliton, Ms Roche & Ms Ryan.

There will be a DVD of the Christmas Show available, please place your order with Ms Culliton €10 a copy.